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Brian E. Spencer,
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Spencer Composites Corportation,
founded in 1994, has recently relocated
to 4550 Pell Drive, Sacramento, Cailfornia.
SCC's facility has over 50,000 square feet
of space available to fabricate products
up to twenty feet in diameter and ninety
feet long. Spencer Composites fabricates
composite products and components using
thermoset and thermoplastic processes,
has expertise in thick-wall composite
processing, and is experienced in the
processes of filament winding, pultrusion,
RTM,VARTM, press molding, and hand lay up.
Spencer Composites

l Spencer Composites Corporation is dedicated
l to the research, design, development, and
l manufacture of filament wound composite
l products.

Find out how Spencer Composites can advance your
composite capabilites.

Contact us at:

Spencer Composites Corporation

4550 Pell Drive, Sacramento, CA
95838 USA

Phone: 916 567 9797 Fax: 916 567 9898

Email: BEcarbon@aol.com